Paradise sig. Miiir

[sig. Miiir]

Now blessed be the Father first, and blessed be the Sonne, And blessed be the holy Ghost, by whom all thinges are done: Blesse me O blessed Trinitie, with thy eternall grace, That after death my soule may haue, in heauen a dwelling place.

FINIS. F. Kindlemarshe.

The fruite that springes from willfull wittes, is ruth and ruine rage:
And sure what headlesse youth committes, repentaunce rues in age.

I Rage in restlesse youth, and ruines rule my dayes, I rue (too late) my restlesse youth, by rules of reasons wayes: I ranne so long a race, in searche of surest way, That leysure learnd me trade, the trace that lead to leude decay. (5) I gaue so large a rayne, to vnrestrained bitte, That now with proofe of after payne, I waile my want of witte: I trifled forth the time, with trust to selfe conceiptes, Whilst plenties vse prickt forth my time, to seeke for sugred baites. wherein once learnde to finde, I founde so sweete a tast, (10) That due foresight of after speede, selfewill esteemed wast: +which will through wilfulnesse, hath wrought my witlesse fall, And heedelesse youthes vnskilfulnesse, hath lapt my life in thrall. whereby by proofe I know, that pleasure breedeth paine, And he that euill seede doth sow, + euill fruite must reape againe: (15) Let such therfore whose youth, and purses are in prime, Foresee and shunne the helpelesse ruth, which sues mispent of time. For want is next to wast, + and shame doth sinne ensue, Euill speeding proofe hath heedelesse hast, + my selfe haue proued it true: When neighbours next house burnes, tis time therof take heede, +(20) For fortunes wheele hath choise of turnes, which chaunge of chaunces breede. My sayle hath bene aloft, though now I beare but low, who climbes so high seeld falleth soft, + deadst ebbe hath highest flow. +

FINIS. {quod} Yloop.

Maister Edwardes his I may not. +

I IN may by kinde Dame Nature wills, all earthly wights to sing, In may the new and coupled foules, may ioy the liuely spring: In May the Nightingall, her notes doth warble on the spray,