Paradise sig. Miiiiv

[sig. Miiiiv]

(5) Mate now deuide, the burthen of his blame, with me, whom wretchlesse thoughtes entised still: To tread the trackt of his vnruly will.
He tooke his childes part, at his fathers handes, Of Gods free grace, his giftes I did receiue: (10) He traueld farre, in many forraigne landes, My restlesse minde, would neuer raging leaue. False queanes did him, of all his coine bereaue, Fonde fancies stuft my braine with such abuse: That no good hap could seeke to any vse. +
(15) They draue him out, when all his pense + was spent. My lustes left me, when strength with age was worne, He was full fayne, a Fermars hoggs to tent: My life misled, did reape deserued scorne, Through hunger huge, where with his trips were torne, (20) He wisht for swaddes, euen so wisht I most vayne, In fruitlesse pleasure, fondly to remayne.
Now to come home with him, and pardon pray, My God I say, against the heauens and thee, I am not worthy, that my lippes should say: (25) Behold thy handie worke, and pitie me, Of mercy yet my soule, from faultes set free. To serue thee here, till thou appoint the time, Through Christ, vnto thy blessed ioyes to climbe.

FINIS. I. Heiwood.