Paradise sig. Miiiir

[sig. Miiiir]

So manie shall that time, against me witnesse beare, As haue beheld my fruitlesse faith, and saw my sinnes appeare.
Whereon whils I do muse, in my amazed minde, Froward thoughts, familiar foes, most fiers assaults I finde: (15) My conscience to my face, doth flatlie me accuse, My secret thoughts within my eares, do whisper still these newes. Mine auarice and briberie, my pride doth bragge me downe, Mine enuie frets me like a file, at other folks renowne.
Concupiscence inflames, and lusts my limmes infect, (20) My meat doth burthen, and my drinke my weaknesse doth detect: My slanders rend my fame, ambition doth supplant, My greedinesse is not content, but makes me waile for want. My mirth but flatterie is, my sorrowes are vnkinde, Sith pleasures runne me out of breath, and greefs suppresse my minde.
(25) Behold my God, whose might, maie me a freeman make, These were my freends, whose counsels curst, I was content to take: These were the lawlesse Lords, whom I did serue alwaie, These were the maisters whose madde hests, I did too much obaie Behold my faults most foule, which follie first did frame, (30) In louing them I should haue loathed, whens breedeth all my bane.
Now I do looke aloft, with bashful blushing face, On glorie thine, that so I maie discerne my owne disgrace My manie spots and great, must needs encrease my gilt, Unlesse thou wash them in the bloud, that for my sake was spilt. (35) Forgiue the faults O Lord, which I from hart repent, And graunt my daies to come, maie be in thy sweet seruice spent.

FINIS. I. Heiwood.

ΒΆ Alluding his state to the prodigall child. +

T He wandring youth, whose race so rashlie runne, Hath left behinde, to his eternall shame: The thriftlesse title of the Prodigall sonne, +To quench, remembraunce of his other name.