Paradise sig. Kiiv

[sig. Kiiv]

Thy dearest friendes may sigh and sob, thy children crie and call Thy wife may waile, and not preuaile, nor doe the good at all. (5) Though reason would we should reioyce, and trickling teares restraine, Yet kindlinesse and friendlinesse, enforce vs to complayne: Thy life was good, our losse the more, thy presence cheard our heart, Thy lacke and absence turnde therefore, our solace into smart. I founde thee both a kindely friend, and friendly father too, (10) Barnabie lacks breath, O cruell death, and couldst thou part vs two: But death derides my woefull wordes, and to my saying saith, Thus foolish wight I did but right, I force no friend nor faith. The Lorde of life and Lorde of death, my threatning hand did let, Els when that he in cradell lay, I might haue claimd my debt: (15) His corps is clad with cloddes of the yearth, his soule doth soare on hye, Before the throne of God aboue, whose seruaunt he did die. And thou his friend, and she his spouse, and they his children shall, Behold the father, friend and mate, whose absence greeues you all: But he nor can, nor will returne, to thee, to her, or them, (20) For heauen is his, he liues in blisse, ye dwell with mortall men. Ye dwell in darke, and dreadfull denne, in prison pent are ye, He liues in light, and all delight, from thraldome franke and free: wishe not that he should come to you, for then ye doe him wrong, But wishe that ye may goe to him, the blessed sainctes emong.


CŒlum non solum. +

I F care or skill, could conquere vayne desire, Or reasons raignes, my strong affection stay: Then should my sighes, to quiet breast retire, And shunne such sighes, as secret thoughtes bewray, (5) Uncomely loue, which now lurkes in my brest, Should cease my grief, through wisedomes power opprest.
But who can leaue, to looke on Venus face, Or yeldeth not to Iunos high estate: What witte so wise, as giues not Pallas place, (10) These vertues rare, ech Gods did yeld a mate. Saue her alone, who yet on earth doth raigne, whose beauties string, no God can well destraine. +