Paradise sig. Kiiiiv

[sig. Kiiiiv]

To tosse the Seas some thinkes a toyle, (20) Some thinke it straunge abroad to rome, Some thinke it griefe to leaue their soyle Their parentes, kinsfolkes, and their home. Thinke so who list, I like it not, I must abroad to trye my Lott.
(25) Who lust at home at carte to drudge And carcke and care for worldly trashe: with buckled shooe let him goe trudge, In stead of launce a whip to swash. A minde thats base himselfe will showe, (30) A carrion sweete to feede a Crowe,
If Iason of that minde had binne, Or wandring Prince + that came from Greece. The golden fleece had binne to winne, And Pryams Troy had byn in blisse, (35) Though dead in deedes and clad in clay, Their woorthie Fame will nere decay.
The worthies nyne that weare of mightes, By trauaile wanne immortall prayse: If they had liued like Carpet knightes, +(40) (Consuming ydely) all their dayes, Their prayses had with them bene dead, where now abroad their Fame is spread.


¶ No ioye comparable to a quiet minde. +

I N lothsome race, pursued by slippery life, whose sugred guile, doth glistering ioy present: The carefull ghost, oppressed sore with strife, Yeeldes ghostly grones, from painefull passions sent. (5) The sinnefull flesh, that beares him here in vewe, In steede of life, doth dreadfull death pursue.