Paradise sig. Iiv

[sig. Iiv]

And hatefull heart with malice great, so boyles in cankred minde, (10) That flatterie flearing in the face, had almost made me blinde. But now I see all is not golde, that glittereth in the eye, +Nor yet such friendes as they professe, as now by proofe I trie.
Though secret spight by craft, haue made a coate of Panters skin, +And thinkes to finde me in the shade, by sleight to wrap me in: (15) Yet God be praysed my eye is cleare, and can behold the Sunne, When falshood dare not once appeare, to ende that he begunne. Thus time shall trie the thing + amisse, which God saue shortly sende, And turne the heart that fayned is, to be a faithfull friende.

FINIS. W. Hunnis.

His comparison of Loue. +

T He spider with great skill, doeth trauell day by day, His limms no time lye still, to set his house in staie: And when he hath it wrought, thinking therein to raigne, A blast of winde vnthought, doth driue it downe againe.
(5) The proofe whereof is true, to make his worke indure, He paines himselfe a newe, in hope to dwell more sure: And in some secret place, a corner of a wall, He frameth himselfe apace, to build and rest withall.
His pleasure sweete to stay, when he to rest is bent, (10) An vgly shamble Flee, approcheth to his Tent: And there intendes by force, his labours great to winne, Or els to yeeld his corse, by fatall death therein.
Thus is the spiders nest, from time to time throwne downe, And he to labour prest, with endles paine vnknowne: (15) So such as louers be, like trauell doe attaine, Those endlesse workes ye see, are alwaies full of paine.

FINIS. W. Hunnis.

A Louers ioye.

I Haue no ioye, but dreame of ioye, and ioy to thinke on ioye, A ioye I withstoode, to finish mine annoye: I hate not without cause alas, yet loue I know not why,