Paradise sig. Hiiv

[sig. Hiiv]

And this Spurina witnesse can, who did for beautie beare the bell, (10) So cleane a wight so comely made, no dame in Rome but loued well: Not one could coole her hot desire, So burning was the flame of fire. Like as when baite cast in the floud forthwith doth cause the fishes come, That pleasauntly before did play, now presently to death to runne: (15) For when they see the baite to fall, Straight way they swallow hooke and all. So when Spurina they did see, to him they flocked out of hand, So happiest dame was thought to be, that in his fauour most did stand: Not knowing vnder sweete deceits, (20) How Venus hides her poysoned baites. But when he saw them thus to range, whom loue had linked in his chaine, This meanes he sought for to asswage, these Ladies of their greeuous payne: His shape entending to disgrace, With many woundes he scorcht his face. (25) By which his deede it came to passe, that he that seemed an angell bright, Euen now so cleane disfigured was, that he became a lothsome wight: And rather had he be foule and chast, Then fayre, and filthy ioyes to tast. What pen can write, or tong expresse, that worthy prayses of this deede, (30) Me thinke that God can do no lesse, then graunt him in heauen for his meede: Who for to saue himselfe vpright, Himselfe hath first destroyed quite.

FINIS. M. Edwardes.

58. A braunche of hearbes and flowers. +

I F that eche flower, the Gods haue framed, or shapt by sacred skill, Where as I would (no wrong to wish) and mine to weare at will Or els ech tree, with lustie top, would lend me leaue to loue. With sprigs displaied to spred my sute, a wayling hart to proue. (5) Upon my helme some should you see, my head aduaunced hye. Some slip for solace there to set, and weare the same would I: Yet would I not for great delight, the Daises straunge desire, The Lillie would not like my lust, nor Rose would I require. The Marigolde might growe for me, Rosemarie well might rest, (10) The Fenell to, that is more fit: for some vnfriendly gest: Nor Cowslops would I craue at all, sometime they seeme too coye, Some ioly youth the Gelliflower, esteemeth for his ioye.