Paradise sig. Hiiiv

[sig. Hiiiv]

It likes me well to walke the way, where B. doth keepe her bower, And when it raynes to B. I run, to saue me from the shower: This braunch of B. which here I meane, to keepe and chiefly craue, At becke vnto this B. I bow, to serue that beautie braue: (55) What shall I say the time doth passe, the tale to tedious is, though loth to leaue, yet leaue I must, and say no more but this, I wish this B. I might embrace, when as the same I see, A league for life then I require, betwene this B. and me? And though vnworthy, yet good will, doth worke the way herein, (60) And B. hath brought the same aboue, which beautie did begin. +


59. In commendation of Musicke. +

W Here griping grief the hart would wound, & doleful dumpes the minde oppresse, There Musick with her siluer sound, is wont with speede to geue redresse Of troubled mindes for euery sore, sweete Musicke hath a salue in store, In ioy it makes our mirth abound, in grief it cheeres our heauy sprites, (5) The carefull head relief hath found, by Musickes pleasaunt sweete delites, Our senses, what should I say more, are subiect vnto Musickes lore. The Gods by Musicke hath their pray, the foule therein doth ioy, For as the Roman Poets say, in seas whom Pirates would destroy: A Dolphin saude from death most sharpe, Arion playing on his Harpe, (10) Of heauenly gift, that turnes the minde like as starne doth rule the ship: Oh Musicke whom the Gods assignde to comfort man, whom cares would nip, Sith thou both man & beast doest moue, what wisman then wil thee reproue.


60. A Dialogue betweene the Authour and his Eye. +

Aucthour. M Y Eye why doest thou light on that, which was not thine? Why hast thou with thy sight, thus slaine an heart of mine? O thou vnhappie Eye, would God thou hadst bene blinde, When first thou didst her spye, for whome this griefe I finde.
Eye. (5) Why sir it is not I, that doe deserue such blame, Your fancie, not your Eye, is causer of the same: For I am ready prest, as Page that serues your ease: To search what thing is best, that might your fansie please.