Paradise sig. Hiiiir

[sig. Hiiiir]

Aucthour. I sent thee foorth to see, but not so long to bide, (10) Though fancie went with thee, thou wert my fancies guide: Thy message being done, thou mightst returne againe, So Cupid Venus sonne, no whit my heart should paine.
Eye. Where fancie beareth sway, there Cupid will be bold, And reason flies away, from Cupids shaft of gold: (15) If you finde cause thereby, some deale of painefull smart, Alas blame not your eye, but blame consent of hart,
Aucthour. My hart must I excuse, and lay the fault on thee, Because thy sight did chuse, when hart from thought was free: Thy sight thus brought consent, consent hath bred my griefe, (20) And griefe bids be content, with sorrow for reliefe.

FINIS. W. Hunnis.

61. Finding no ioye, he desireth death. +

T He Connie in his Caue, the Ferret doth annoye, And fliyng thence his life to saue, himselfe doth he destroye: His berrie round about beset, with Hunters snares, So that when he to scape starts out, is caught therein vnwares, (5) Like choise poore man haue I, to bide and rest in Loue, Or els from thence to flie, as bad a death to proue.
I see in Loue no rest, vnkindnesse doth pursue, To rent his heart out of his brest, which is a Louer true: And if from Loue I starte, as one that Loue forsakes, (10) Then pensiue thoughtes my heart doth pearce, and so my life it takes: Then thus to flie or bide, hard is the choise to chuse, Since death hath camp’d, and trenched ech side, and saith life now refuse.
Content I am therefore, my life therein to spend, And death I take a salue for sore, my wearie dayes to ende: (15) And thus I you require, that faithfull Loue professe, When carcase cased in his Chest, and body laid on hearse. Your brinish teares to saue, such as my corse shall moue, And therewith write vpon my graue, behold the force of Loue.

FINIS. W. Hunnis.