Paradise sig. Gir

[sig. Gir]

Wotes she thy will? she knowes what I protest, Dainde she thy sute? she daungered not my talke: Gaue she consent? she graunted my request, (25) What didst thou craue? the roote, the fruite, the stalke, I asked them all, what gaue she, cheese, or chalke? +That tast must trie, what tast? I meane the proofe, Of frendes, whose wills withhold their bow aloofe. +
Meanst thou good fayth? what els, hopest thou to speede? (30) why not, O foole vntaught in carpett trade, Knowest not what proofes from such delayes proceede, wilt thou like headlesse Cocke be caught in glade? Art thou like Asse, too apt for burden made? Fie, fie, wilt thou for faint adore the shrine? (35) And woe her frend, ere she be wholy thine.
Who drew this drift? moued she, or thou this match? Twas I: oh foole vnware of womens wiles, Long mayest thou wayte, like hungry hound at hatch: She craftie Foxe, the sillie Goose beguiles, (40) Thy sute is shaped, so fit for long delay, That she at will may checke, from yea to nay.
But in good sooth, tell me her frendes intent, Best learne it first, their purpose I not know: why then thy will to worse and worse is bent, (45) Doest thou delight, the vnkindled coale to blow: Or childlike louest, in ankred Boate to row, what meane these termes? who sith thy sute is such, Know of or on, or thou affect too much. +
No hast but good, + why no, the meane is best, +(50) Admit she loue, mislike in lingring growes: +Suppose she is caught, then woodcocke on thy crest, Till end approues, what scornefull seedes she sowes. In loytring loue, such daungers ebbes and flowes, what helpe herein? why wake in daungerous watch: +(55) That to, nor fro, may make thee marre the match.