Paradise sig. Giiv

[sig. Giiv]

Till bared bones, at last they leaue behinde, And seeke elswhere, some fatter foode to finde.
Euen so I see, where wealth doth waxe at will, (10) And gold doth grow, to heapes of great encrease: There frendes resort, and profering frendship still, Full thicke they throng, with neuer ceasing prease. And slily make, a shew of true intent, when nought but guile, and inward hate is ment: (15) For when mischaunce, shall chaunge such wealth to want, They packe them thence, to place of richer haunt.

FINIS. My lucke is losse.

50. Amantium iræ amoris redinte gratio est. +

I N goyng to my naked bed, as one that would haue slept, I heard a wife sing to her child, that long before had wept: She sighed sore, and sang full sweete, to bring the babe to rest, That would not cease, but cried still, in sucking at her brest. (5) She was full wearie of her watch and greeued with her child, She rocked it, and rated it, till that on her it smilde: Then did she say, now haue I found, this Prouerbe true to proue, The falling out of faithfull frendes, renuyng is of loue
Then tooke I paper, penne and Inke, this Prouerbe for to write, (10) In register for to remaine, of such a worthy wight: As she proceeded thus in song, vnto her little brat, Much matter vttered she of waight, in place where as she sat. And proued playne, there was no beast, nor creature bearing life, Could well be knowne to liue in loue, without discorde and strife: (15) Then kissed she her little babe, and sware by God aboue, The falling out of faythfull frendes, renuyng is of loue.
She sayd that neither King ne Prince, ne Lord could liue a right, Untill their puissance they did proue, their manhood and their might: when manhood shall be matched so, that feare can take no place, (20) Then wearie workes make warriours, eche other to embrace. And leaued their force that fayled them, which did consume the rout,