Paradise sig. Giir

[sig. Giir]

what moode so milde? that neuer moued debate: (15) what faith so strong? but lightly likes to raunge, what loue so true? that neuer learnd to hate. what life so pure? that lastes without offence, what worldly mynde? but moues with ill pretence.
What knot so fast? that may not be vntide, (20) what seale so sure? but fraude or force shall breake, what prop of stay? but one tyme shrinkes aside, what ship so stauche? that neuer had a leake. what graunt so large? that no exception makes, what hoped helpe? but frend at neede forsakes.
(25) What seate so high? but low to ground may fall, what hap so good? that neuer found mislike: what state so sure? but subiect is to thrall, what force preuayles? where Fortune list to strike. what wealth so much? but time may tourne to want, (30) what store so great? but wasting maketh scant.
What profites hope? in depth of daungers thrall, what trust in time? but waxeth worse and worse: what helpes good hart, if Fortune frowne withall, what blessing thriues agaynst heauenly helpelesse curse. (35) what winnes desire, to get and cannot gayne, what bootes to wish, and neuer to obtaine.

FINIS. My lucke is losse.

49. Donec eris Fælix multos numerabis amicos,
Nullus ad amissas ibit amicus opes.

E Uen as the Rauen, the Crow, and greedy Kite, Doe swarming flocke, where carren corps doth fall: And tiring teare with beake, and talentes might, Both skin and flesh, to gorge their guttes withall. (5) And neuer cease, but gather moe to moe, Doe all to pull, the carkas to and fro: