Paradise sig. Giiiiv

[sig. Giiiiv]

The fish in ayre should flie with finne, (20) The foules in floud, should bring forth fry: +All thinges me thinkes should erst beginne, To take their course vnnaturally, Afore my frend should alter so, without a cause to be my foe.
(25) But such is Fortunes hate I say, Such is his will on me to wreake: Such spite he hath at me alway, And ceasseth not my hart to breake, with such despite of crueltie, (30) wherfore then longer liue should I.


45. Prudence. The historie of
Damacles, and Dionise.

W Ho so is set in Princely throne, and craueth rule to beare, Is still beset on euery side, with perill and with feare: High trees by stormy windes are shakt, and rent vp from the ground, And flashly flackes of lightning flames, on turrets doe rebound. (5) When little shrubes in safetie lurke, in couert all alow, And freshly florish in their kinde, what euer winde doe blow, +The cruell kyng of Scisile: + who fearing Barbares handes: was wont to singe his beard himselfe, with coale and fire brandes, Hath taught vs this, the proofe wherof, full plainely we may see, (10) Was neuer thing more liuely touched, to shew it so to bee: This kyng did seeme to Damacles, to be the happiest wight, Because he thought none like to him, in power or in might. who did alone so farre excell, the rest in his degree, As doth the Sunne in brightnesse cleare, the darkest starre we see: (15) wilt thou (then sayd this cruell kyng) proue this my present state, Possesse thou shalt this seate of myne and so be fortunate. Full gladly then this Damacles, this proferd honour tooke, And shooting at a Princely life, his quiet rest forsooke. In honours seate then was he plast, according to his will, (20) Forthwith a banquet was prepard, that he might feast his fill.