Paradise sig. Fir

[sig. Fir]

We are so prest, to snatche a luring vice: (15) Such greedy hartes, on euery side be rife, So few that guide, their will by counsell wise: To let our teares lament the wretched case, And call to God for vndeserued grace.
You worldly wightes, that haue your fancies fixt, (20) On slipper ioy, of terraine pleasure here: Let some remorse, in all your deedes be mixt, Whiles you haue time, let some redresse appeare: Of sodaine death, the houre you shall not know, And looke for death, although it seemeth slow.
(25) Oh be no Iudge, in other mens offence, +But purge thy selfe, and seeke to make thee free: Let euery one, apply his diligence, A chaunge to good, within him selfe to see: O God direct our feete in such a stay, (30) From cancred vice, to shun the hatefull way.

FINIS. R. Hill.

39. Sundrie men, sundry affectes. +

I N euery wight, some sundry sort of pleasure I doe finde, Which after he doth seeke, to ease his toyling minde. Diana with her trainyng chase, of hunting had delight, Against the fearefull Deare, she could direct her shot a right. (5) The loftie yeares in euery age, doth still imbrace the same, The sport is good, if vertue doe assist the chearefull game.
Minerua in her chattering armes, her courage doth aduaunce, In triall of the bloudy warres, she giueth luckie chaunce: For sauegard men imbrace the same, which doe so needefull seeme, (10) That noble hartes their chief delightes, in vse therof esteeme. In warlike games to try or ride, the force of armes they vse, And base the man we doe accompt, that doth the same refuse.
The siluer sound of Musickes cordes, doth please Apollos wit,