Paradise sig. Fiiiv

[sig. Fiiiv]

I know, there is no fruite, no leafe, no roote, no rinde, No hearbe, no plant, no iuice, no gum, no mettall deepely minde: No Pearle, no precious stone, ne Gem of rare effect, (20) Whose vertues, learned Gallens bookes, at large doe not detect. Yet all their force can not appease, The furious fittes of my disease: For any drugge of Phisickes arte, Can ease the grief that gripes my harte. (25) Oh straunge disease. I heare the wise affirme, that Nature hath in store, A thousand secret salues, which wisedome hath out found: To coole, the scorching heate, of euery smarting sore, And healeth deepest scarre, though greeuous be the wound. (30) The auncient Prouerbe sayes, that none so fostred + grief, Doth grow, for which the Gods themselues, haue not ordained relief: +But I by proofe doe know, such Prouerbes to be vayne, And thinke that Nature neuer knew, the plague that I sustaine. And so not knowing my distresse, (35) Hath left my grief remedilesse. For why, the heauens for me prepare, To liue in thought, and dye in care. Oh lasting payne. In chaunge of ayre I see, by haunt of heathfull soyle, (40) By diet duely kept, grosse humours are expeld: I know that griefes of minde, and inward hartes turmoyle, By faithfull frendes aduise, in time may be repeld. Yet all this naught auayles, to kill that me annoyes, I meane to stop these floudes of care, that ouerflow my ioyes: (45) No none exchaunge of place, can chaunge my lucklesse lot, Like one I liue, and so must dye, whom Fortune hath forgot. No counsell can preuayle with me, Nor sage aduise with grief agree: For he that feeles the panges of hell, (50) Can neuer hope in heauen to dwell. Oh deepe dispayre. What liues on earth but I, whose trauayle reapes no gayne, The wearied Horse and Oxe, in stall and stable rest: The Ante with sommers toyle, beares out the winters payne, +