Paradise sig. Fiiiiv

[sig. Fiiiiv]

Loe here how others toyle, rewarded is with gayne. (95) With lucklesse, loe I liue, in losse of labours due, Compeld by proofe of torment strong, my endlesse grief to rue: Is which, since needes I must, consume both youth and age, If old I liue, and that my care no comfort can asswage. Henceforth I banish from my brest, (100) All frustrate hope of future rest: And truthlesse trust to Tymes reward, With all respectes of ioyes regard. Here I forsweare.

47. Where reason makes request, there wisedome ought supplie.
With frendly aunswere prest, to graunt or els denie.

I Sigh, why so? for sorrow of her smart, I mourne, wherfore? for grief that she complaines: I pitie, what? her oppressed hart, I dread, what harme? the daunger she sustaines. (5) I greeue, whereat? at her oppressing paynes, I feele, what force the fittes of her disease, Whose harme doth me and her, a like displease.
I hope, what hap? her happy healthes retire, I wish, what wealth? no wealth, nor worldly store: (10) But craue, what craft? by cunnyng to aspire Some skill, whereto? to salue her sickely sore. What then? why then would I her health restore Whose harme me hurtes, how so? so workes my will: To wish my selfe and her, like good and ill.
(15) What moues thy minde, whereto? to such desire, Ne force, ne fauour, what then? free fancies choyse: Art thou to chose? my charter to require, Eche Ladies loue, is fedde by customes voyce, Yet are there grauntes, the euidence of their choyse. +(20) What then, our freedome is at large in chosing, As womens wills are froward in refusing.