Paradise sig. Eiv

[sig. Eiv]

So propped vp with hollow hartes, whose suretie is vnsound,
Giue faith to those that feare for loue, and not that loue for feare, Regard not them that force compels to please you euery where: All this well wayed and borne away, shall stablish long your state, (20) Continually with perfect peace, in spite of puffing hate.


32. An Epitaph vpon the death of Sir Edward Saunders
Knight, Lord chief Baron of the Exchequer.

Y Ou Muses weare your mourning weedes, strike on the fatall drome, Sound Triton out the trumpe of fame, in spite of Pareas dome: Distill Parnassus pleasaunt drops possesse Pierides place, Apollo helpe with dolefull tune, to wayle this wofull case. (5) Wring hard your handes, wayle on your losse, lament the fate that fell, With sobs and sighes to Saunders say, oh Saunders now farewell: Whom Phæbus fed with Pallas papp, as one of Sibils seede, Loe here where death did rest his corps, the vermine foule to feede. Whom Impes of Ioue with Necter sweete, long in Libethres noursht, (10) Behold how dreadfull death him brought, to the whence he came first: Lycurgus he for learned lawes, Radamantus race that ran, An other Nector for aduice, Zalucus fame that wan. A Damon deare vnto his frend, in faith like Phocion found, A Cato that could counsell giue, to Prince a subiect sound: (15) Not Athens for their Solon sage, not Rome for Numa wayle, As we for Saunders death haue cause, in floudes of teares to sayle. Nor Sparta card for Chilos death, nor proude Prienna prest, To weepe for Bias as we wayle, our Saunders late possest: His learned pathes, his talentes rare, so now by death appeares, (20) As he that Salomon sought to serue, in prime and youthfull yeares, His counsell sad, his rules, his Lawes, in country soyle so wrought. As though in Cuma he had bene, of sage Sibilla taught: His vertuous life was such I say, as vertue did embrace, By vertue caught in vertues schoole, to grow in vertues race. (25) Might tender babes, might orphantes weake, might widowes reare the crie, The sound thereof should pearce the cloudes, to scale the empire skie: