Paradise sig. Eiiv

[sig. Eiiv]

(65) I had my will, you haue your wish, I laugh, reioyce you may, I wanne now much, you gayne no lesse, to see this happy day. Wherein I dyed, wherein you liue, oh treble happy cost, Wherein I ioyed in glory great, wherein you triumph most. Kneele on your knees, knocke hard your brests, sound forth the ioyfull drome, (70) Clap loude your handes, sound Eccho say, the golden world is come. Reioyce you Iudges may of right, your mirth may now be such, As neuer earst you Iudges had, in England mirth so much. Here Cuma is, here Sibill reignes, on Delphos seate to sit, Here she like Phæbus rules, that can Gordius knot vnknit. (75) I liued to Nature long inough, I liued to honour much, I liued at wish, and died at will, to see my countrey such. As neither needes it Numas lawes, nor yet Apollos sweard, For mauger Mars yet Mars shalbe of this our Queene afeard. O pearelesse pearle, O Diamond deare, O Queene of Queenes farewell, +(80) Your royall Maiestie God preserue, in England long to dwell. Farewell the Phænix of the world, farewell my soueraigne Queene, Farewell most noble vertuous Prince, Mineruas mate I weene. No Iewell, Gemme, no Gold to giue, no Pearles from Pactolus loe, +No Persian Gaze, no Indian stone, no Tagus sandes to show. +(85) But faith and will to natiue soyle, a liue and dead I finde, My hart my minde, my loue I leaue vnto my Prince behinde, Farewell you Nobles of this land, farewell you Iudges graue, Farewell my felowes, frendes and mates, your Queene I say God saue. What rise in time, in time doth fall, what floweth in time doth ebbe, (90) What liues in time, in time shall dye, and yeld to Parcus webbe. The Sunne to darcknesse shalbe turn’d, the starres from skyes shall fall, The Moone to bloud, the world with fire shalbe consumed all. As smoke or vapour vanish straight, as bubbles rise and fall, As cloudes doe passe, or shadow shiftes, we liue, we dye so all. (95) Our pompe, our pride, our triumph most, our glory great herein, Like shattering shadow passe away, as though none such had bin. Earth, Water, Ayre, and Fire, as they were earst before, A lumpe confused, and Chaos call’d, so shall they once be more. And all to earth, that came from earth, and to the graue descende, (100) For earth on earth, to earth shall goe, and earth shalbe the end. As Christ ascended vp the cloudes, so Christ in cloudes shall come, To Iudge both good and bad on earth, at dreadfull day of dome.