Paradise sig. Eiiir

[sig. Eiiir]

From whence our flesh shall rise agayne, euen from the drossie dust, And so shall passe I hope, vnto the Mansion of the iust.

FINIS. Lodowicke LLoyd.

33. His good name beyng blemished, he bewayleth. +

F Ram’d + in the front of forlorne hope, past all recouerie, I stailes stand tabide, the shocke of shame and infamie: My life through lingring long is lodg’d, in lare of lothsome wayes, My death delayed + to keepe from life, the harme of haplesse dayes: (5) My sprites, my hart, my witte and force, in deepe distresse are dround, The onely losse of my good name, is of these griefes the ground.
And since my mynde, my wit, my head, my voyce, and toung are weake, To vtter, moue, deuise, conceiue, sound forth, declare, and speake: Such pearsing plaintes, as aunswere might, or would my wofull case, (10) Helpe craue I must, and craue I will, with teares vpon my face: Of all that may in heauen or hell, in earth or ayre be found, To waile with me the losse of myne, as of these griefes the ground.
Helpe Gods, helpe saints, helpe sprites & powers, that in the heauen do dwel, Helpe ye that are aye wont to waile, ye howling houndes of hell: (15) Helpe man, helpe beastes, helpe birdes & wormes, that on the earth doth toyle, Helpe fish, helpe foule, that flockes and feedes vpon the salt sea soyle: Helpe Eccho that in the ayre doth flee, shrill voyces to resound, To waile this losse of my good name, as of these griefes the ground.


34. Of Fortunes power. +

P Olicrates whose passing hap, caus’d him to lose his fate, A golden ring cast in the seas, to chaunge his constant state: +And in a fish yet at his bourd, the same he after found, Thus fortune loe, to whom she takes, for bountie doth abound.
(5) The mizers vnto might she mountes, a common case we see, And mightie to great miserie, she sets in low-degree: