Paradise sig. Eiiiiv

[sig. Eiiiiv]

And wearie of the sute they seeme, when they doe once begin: (15) It teacheth vs to frame our life, while vitall breath we haue, When it dissolueth earthly masse, + the soule from death to saue.
By feare of God to rule our steppes, from sliding into vice, A wisedome is, + which we neglect, although of greater price: A point of wisedome also this, we commonly esteeme, (20) That euery man should be in deede, that he desires to seeme.
To bridle that desire of gayne, which forceth vs to ill, Our hautie stomackes Lord represse, to tame presuming will: This is the wisedome that we should, aboue eche thing desire, O heauenly God from sacred throne, that grace in vs inspire.
(25) And print in our repugnant hartes, the rules of wisedome true, That all our deedes in worldly life, may like thereof insue: +Thou onely art the liuing spring, from whom this wisedome flowes, O wash therewith our sinfull hartes, from vice that therein growes.

FINIS. M. Edwardes.

38. A frendly admonition. +

Y E stately wightes, that liue in quiet rest, Through worldly wealth, which God hath giuen to you: Lament with teares and sighes from dolefull brest, The shame and power, that vice obtaineth now: (5) Behold how God doth dayly profer grace, Yet we disdayne repentaunce to embrace.
The suddes of sinne doe soke into the minde, And cancred vice, doth vertue quite expell: No chaunge to good, alas can resting finde, (10) Our wicked hartes, so stoutly doe rebell: Not one there is, that hasteth to amend, Though God from heauen his dayly threates downe send:
We are so slow to chaunge our blamefull life,