Paradise sig. Eiiiir

[sig. Eiiiir]

Least partiall fauour execute, the law in causes great: But if the mynde in constant state, affection quite doe leaue, (20) The higher state shall haue their rightes, the poore no wrong receiue.
It is accompted greater prayse, to C├Žsars lofty state, Agaynst his vanquest foes, in warres to bridle wreckfull hate: Then when to Rome he had subdued, the people long vnknowne, Whereby as farre as land was found, the same abroad was blowne.
(25) If honour can selfe will refuse, and Iustice be vpright, And priuate state desires but that, which good appeares in sight: Then vertue shall with soueraigne shew, to euery eye reueale, An heauenly life, a wealfull state, a happy common weale.
Let vertue then the triumph win, and gouerne all your deedes, (30) Your yelding to her sober hestes, immortall glory breedes: She shall vpreare your worthy name, shinyng into the skies, Her beames shall blaze in graue obscure, where shrined carkasse lyes.

FINIS. M. Edwardes.

37. Of perfect wisedome. +

W Hoso will be accompted wise, and truely clayme the same, +By ioyning vertue to his deedes, he must atcheue the same: But few there be, that seeke thereby, true wisedome to attayne, O God so rule our hartes therfore, such fondnesse to refrayne.
(5) The wisedome which we most esteeme, in this thing doth consist, With glorions talke to shew in wordes, our wisedome when we list: Yet not in talke, but seemely deedes, our wisedome we should place, To speake so fayre, and doe but ill, doth wisedome quite disgrace.
To bargayne well, and shunne the losse, a wisedome compted is, (10) And thereby through the greedy coyne, no hope of grace to mis: To seeke by honour to aduaunce, his name to brittle prayse, Is wisedome which we dayly see, increaseth in our dayes.
But heauenly wisedome sower seemes, too hard for them to win.