Paradise sig. Dir

[sig. Dir]

That man to man, may shew a freendly face: That euery man, may sow such freendly seedes, As freendship may be found in freendly deedes. (35) And ioyne with thee my muse in these our dayes, To ring loud peales of sacred freendships prayse.

FINIS. F. Kindlemarsh.

Golden precepts. +

P Erhaps you think me bolde that dare presume to teache, As one that runns beyond his race, & rowes beyond his reach, Sometime the blinde doe go, where perfect sights doe fall, The simple may sometimes instruct, the wisest heads of al. +
(5) If needefull notes I giue, that vnto vertue tend, Me thinkes you should of right, vouchsafe your listning eares to lend: A Whetstone cannot cut, yet sharpes it well we see, And I though blunt, may whet your skils, if you attentife bee. +
First these among the rest, I wish you warely heede, (10) That God be seru’d, your prince obayed, & freends releeu’d at neede: Then looke to honest thrift, both what and how to haue, At night examine so the day, that bed be thought a graue.
Seeke not for others goods, be iust in worde and deede, For got with shiftes, are spent with shame, beleeue this as thy creede (15) Boste not of Natures giftes, nor yet of parents name, For Uertue is the onely meane, to winne a worthy fame.
Ere thou doest promise make, consider well the ende, But promise past be sure thou keepe, both with thy foe and freende: +Threat not reuenge to much, it shewes a crauens kinde, (20) But to preuaile, and then forgiue, declares a noble minde.
Forget no freendships debt, wish to requite at least, +For God and man, yea all the world, condems the vngratefull beast: