Paradise sig. Diiiv

[sig. Diiiv]

The fourth, and last is long repayre, which creepes in friendships lap. And dayly hauntes, that vnder trust, deuiseth many a trap: (15) Loe how false friendes can frame a fetch, to win their will with wiles, To sauce their sleights with sugred sops, and shadow harme with smiles, To serue their lustes, are sundry sortes, by practise diuers kindes, Some caries hony in their mouthes, and venoume in their mindes: Me thinkes the stones within the streetes, should cry out in this case, +(20) And euery one that doth them meet, should shunne their doubble face.


27. A Lady forsaken complayneth. +

I F pleasures be in paynfulnes? In pleasures doth my body rest, IF ioyes accord with carefulnes? A ioyfull hart is in my brest: If prison strong be liberty? In liberty long haue I been, If ioyes accord with miserie? + who can compare a life to mine. (5) Who can vnbind that is sore bound? who can make free that is full thrall, Or how can any meanes be found, to comfort such a wretch withall: None can, but he that hath my hart, conuert my paynes to comfort then, Yet since his seruant I became, + most like a bondman haue I been. Since first in bondage I became, my wordes and deedes were euer such, (10) That neuer once he could me blame, except from + louing him too much. Which I can iudge no iust offence, nor cause that I deserue disdaine, Except he meane through false pretence, throgh forged loue to make a traineNaie, naie, alas, my faigned thoughts, my friended and my faigned + ruth, My pleasures past my present plaints, + shew wel I meane but to much truth. (15) But since I cannot him attaine, against my will I let him go, And least he glory at my paine, I will attempt to cloke my woe: Youth, learne by me, but do not proue, for I haue prooued to my paine, What grieuous greefes do grow by loue, and what it is to loue in vaine.


28. Finding worldly ioyes but vanities, he wisheth death. +

F Orlorne in filthy froward fate, wherein a thousand cares I finde: By whom I do lament my state, annoyde with fond afflicted minde. A wretch in woe, and dare not crye, I liue, and yet I wishe to die.