Paradise sig. Diiir

[sig. Diiir]

25. Wanting his desire, he complayneth. +

T He sailyng ships with ioy at length, + do touch their long desired port, The hewing axe the oke doth wast, and battryng Canon breaks the fort: Hard hagred haukes stope to the lure, + wild colts in time the bridle tames, There is nothing so out of vre, but to his kinde long tyme it frames. (5) Yet this I finde in tyme, no tyme can winne my sute, Though oft the tree I climbe, I cannot catche the fruite.
And yet the pleasaunt braunches oft, in yeldyng wise to me they bow, When I would touch they spring, sone are they gone I wote not how: Thus I present that fleetyng floud, the Tantalus in hell below, (10) Would God my case she vnderstoode, which can full soone relieue my woe. Which if to her were knowen, the fruite were surely myne, She would not let me grone, and brouse vpon the rine.
But if my ship with tackle torne, with rented sayles must needes retire, And streame and winde haue playnly sworne, by force to hinder my desire: (15) Like one that strikes vpon the rockes, my weary wracke I should be waile, And learne to know false fortunes mockes, who smiles on me to small auaile. Yet sith she onely can, my rented Ship restore, To helpe her wracked man, but once I seeke no more.

FINIS. M. Edwardes.

28. Trie before you trust. +

I N frendes are found a heape of doubtes, that double dealyng vse, A swarme of such I could finde out, whose craft I can accuse: A face for loue, a harte for hate, these faigned frendes can beare, A tongue for troth, a head for wiles, to hurt ech simple care. (5) In humble poort, is poyson part, that plainnesse can not spye, Which credites all, and can not see, where stingyng Serpentes lye: +Through hasty trust, the harmelesse harte, is easely hampred in, And made beleeue it is good gold, when it is Lead and Tin. The first deceipt that bleres myne eyes, is faigned fayth profest, (10) The second trappe is gratyng talke, that gripes eche straungers brest: The third deceipt is greetyng wordes, with colours painted out, Which bids suspect to feare no smart, nor dread no daungerous doubt.