Paradise sig. Civ

[sig. Civ]

(5) Is this the trust, that faithfull frendes can finde? With those that yet haue promise broke? By deedes in doubt, as though no wordes can binde, A vowed frend, to hold him to his yoke.
O faithlesse frend, what can assure your minde? (10) That doubtes so soone, before you haue cause why? To what hard hap, doth Fortune here me binde, When wordes nor deedes, can no where satisfie: What can I write? that hath not oft bene sayd, What haue I sayd? that hath not bene affirmed: (15) What not approued? that ought to be assayed, Or what is vowed? that shall not be performed.
Cast of mistrust, in hast no credite giue, To this or that, that breedeth frendes vnrest: No doubt at all, but trust me if I liue, (20) My deedes shall proue, that all is for the best: And this beleeue, the sea shall cease to flow, The sunne to shine, within the setled skie: All thinges on earth, shall leaue to spring and grow, Yea euery foule, shall want his winges to flie.
(25) Eare I in thought, shall seeme once to retire, If you my frend, remaine as I desire: Now lose no time, but vse that while you may, Forget not this, a Dogge shall haue a day. +


17. He desireth exchaunge of life. +

T He day delayed, of that I most doe wish, Wherewith I feede, and starue in one degree: With wish and want, still serued in one dish, A liue as dead, by proofe as you may see: (5) To whom of old, this Prouerbe well it serues, While grasse doth grow, the silly horse he sterues: +