Paradise sig. Ciiv

[sig. Ciiv]

18. Of the instabilitie of youth. +

W Hen I looke backe, and in my selfe behold, The wandring wayes, that youth could not descry: And marke the fearefull course, that youth did hold, And met in mynde, ech step youth strayed awry: (5) My knees I bow, and from my hart I call, O Lord forget, these faultes and folies all.
For now I see, how voyde youth is of skill, I see also his Prime time and his ende: I doe confesse my faultes and all my ill, (10) And sorrow sore, for that I did offende: And with a minde, repentaunt of all crimes, Pardon I aske for youth, ten thousand times.
The humble hart, hath daunted the proude minde, Eke wisedome hath geuen ignoraunce a fall: (15) And wit hath taught, that follie could not finde, And age hath youth, her subiect and her thrall: Therfore I pray, O Lord of life and truth, Pardon the faultes committed in my youth.
Thou that diddest graunt the wise king + his request, (20) Thou that in the Whale, thy Prophet diddest preserue: Thou that forgauest the wounding of thy brest, Thou that didst saue, the theefe in state to sterue: Thou onely God, the giuer of all grace, Wipe out of minde, the path of youthes vayne race.
(25) Thou that by power, to life didst rayse the dead, +Thou that restorest the blind to perfect sight: +Thou that for loue, thy life and loue out blead, Thou that of fauour, madest the lame goe right: +Thou that canst heale, and helpe in all assayes, (30) Forgiue the gilt, that grew in youthes vayne wayes.