Paradise sig. Ciir

[sig. Ciir]

Tweene these extremes, thus doe I rome the race, +Of my poore life, this certainely I know: Tweene would and want, vnwarely that doe passe, (10) More swift then shot, out of the Archers vow: As Spider drawes her line all day, I watch the net, and others haue the pray. +
And as by proofe, the greedy Dogge doth gnaw, The bared bone, all onely for the tast: (15) So to and fro, this lothsome life I draw, With fancies forst, and fed with vayne repast: +Narsissus brought, vnto the water drinke, So aye thirst I, the more that I doe drinke.
Loe thus I dye, and yet I seeme not sicke, (20) With smart vnseene my selfe, my selfe I weare: +With prone desire, and power that is not quicke, With hope a loft, now drenched in disprayre: Trayned in trust, for no reward assignde, The more I hast, the more I come behinde. +
(25) With hurt to heale, in frozen Ise to frie, With losse to laugh, this is a wonderous case: Fast fetred here, is forst away to flie, As hunted Hare, that Hound hath in the chase: With winges and spurres, for all the hast I make, (30) As like to lose, as for to draw the stake.
The dayes be long, that hang vpon desart, The life is irke of ioyes that be delayed: The time is short, for to requite the smart, That doth proceede, of promise long vnpayed: (35) That to the last, of this my fainting breath, I wish exchaunge of life, for happy death.

FINIS. L. Vaux.