Paradise sig. Bir

[sig. Bir]

They be the lines that lead the length, How farre my race is for to runne: They say my youth is fled with strength, And how old age is weake begunne: (35) The which I feele, and you may see, Upon my head such lines to bee.
They be the stringes of sober sounde, Whose Musicke is harmonicall: Their tunes declare a time from grounde, (40) I came, and how thereto I shall: +Wherefore I ioy that you may see, Upon my head such stringes to bee.
God graunt to those that white heares haue, No worse them take then I haue ment: (45) That after they be layed in graue, Their soules may ioy their liues well spent, God graunt likewise that you may see, Upon your head such heares to bee.


5. Beware of had I wist. +

B Eware of had I wist, whose fine bringes care and smart, Esteeme of all as they deserue, and deeme as deemde thou art: So shall thy perfect frend, enioy his hoped hire, And faithlesse faunyng foe shall misse, th’effect of his desire: (5) Good will shall haue his gayne, and hate shall heape despight, A faithlesse frend shall finde distrust, and loue shall reape delight: Thy selfe shall rest in peace, thy frend shall ioy thy fate, Thy foe shall fret at thy good happe, and I shall ioy thy state: But this my fond aduise, may seeme perchaunce but vayne, (10) As rather teaching how to lose, then how a frend to gayne: But this not my intent, to teach to finde a frende, But safely how to loue and liue, is all that I intende: And if you proue in part, and finde my counsell true, Then wish me well for my good will, tis all I craue adue,

FINIS, My lucke is losse.