Paradise sig. Biiv

[sig. Biiv]

Abolish care, forget thy pining woe: (15) For by this meanes, sone shalt thou find redresse, When oft betost, hence thou to heauen must goe. Then tosse and tourne, and tumble franke and free, O happie thrise, when thou in heauen shalt be.

FINIS L. Vaux.

9. For Christmas day. +

Reioyce, reioyce, with hart and voyce, In Christes byrth this day reioyce. +
F Rom virgins wombe + this day did spring, The precious seed that onely saued man: (5) This day let man reioyce and sweetly sing, Since on this day saluation first began. This day did Christ mans soule from death remoue, With glorious sainctes to dwell in heauen aboue.
This day to man, came pledge of perfect peace, (10) This day to man, came loue and vnity: This day mans griefe, began for to surcease, This day did man receiue a remedy, For ech offence, and euery deadly sin, With gilty hart, that erst he wandred in.
(15) In Christes flocke, let loue be surely plaste, From Christes flocke, let concord hate expell: Of Christes flocke, let loue be so embraste, As we in Christ, and Christ in vs may dwell. Christ is the authour of vnity, (20) From whence proceedeth all felicitie.
O sing vnto, this glittering glorious king, O praise his name, let euery liuing thing: Let hart and voyce, like Belles of siluer ring, The comfort that, this day did bring. (25) Let Lute, let Shalme, with sound of sweet delight. The ioy of Christes birth this day resight.

FINIS F. Kindlemarshe.