Paradise sig. Biiiv

[sig. Biiiv]

Thou art my God, to thee alone I will commend my cause, Nor glittering gold nor precious stone, shall make me leaue thy lawes: O teach me then the way, Whereby I may, (15) Make thee my onely stay.
My lippes, my tongue, my hart and all, shall spread thy mighty name, My voyce shall neuer cease to sound, the praises of the same: Yea euery liuing thing, Shall sweetly sing, (20) To thee (O heauenly king.)

FINIS F. Kindlemarsh.

12. No pleasure without some payne. +

Sweet were the ioyes, that both might like and last, Straunge were the state, exempt from all distresse, +Happie the life, that no mishap should tast: Blessed the chaunce, might neuer chaunge successe, (5) Where such a life to lead, or state to proue, Who would not wishe, that such a life were loue.
But O the sowrie sauce of sweet vnsure, When pleasures flie, and flie with wast of winde: The trustlesse traines, that hoping harts allure, (10) When sweet delightes, do but allure the minde. When care consumes, and wastes the wretched wight, UUhile fancie feedes, and drawes of her delight.
What life were loue, if loue were free from paine? But O that paine, with pleasure matcht should meet: (15) Why did the course, of Nature so ordaine, That sugred sowre, must sauce the bitter sweet? +Which sowre from sweet, might any meanes remoue, What hap, what heauen, what life were like to loue?

FINIS W. Hunis.