Paradise sig. Biiir

[sig. Biiir]

10. For Easter day . +

A L mortall men this day reioyce, in Christ that you redemed hath, By death with death sing we with voyce, to him that hath appeasde Gods wrath: +Due vnto man for sinfull path, wherein before he went astray, Giue thankes to him with perfect faith, that for mankinde hath made this glorious day.
(5) This day he rose from tombe againe, wherein his precious corse was layd, Whom cruelly the Iewes had slaine, with bloudy woundes full ill arayd: O man be now no more dismaid, if thou hencefoorth from sinne do stay, Of death thou needest not to be afrayde, Christ conquered death for this his glorious day.
His death preuayled had no whit, as Paule the Apostle well doth write, +(10) Except he had vprised it, from death to life by godlike might: With most triumphant glittering light, +This daie his glory shined I say, and made vs bright as sunne this glorious day.
O man arise with Christ therefore, since he from sin hath made thee free, Beware thou fall in sinne no more, but rise as Christ did rise for thee: (15) So mayest thou him in glory see, when he at day of doome shall say, Come thou my child and dwell with me, God graunt vs all to see that glori-∣(ous day.

FINIS Iasper Heiwood.

11. For Whitsonday . +

C Ome holy Ghost eternall God, and ease the wofull griefe, That through the heapes of heauy sinne, can no where find reliefe: Doe thou O God redresse, The great distresse, (5) Of sinfull heauinesse.
Come comfort the afflicted thoughtes, of my consumed hart, O rid the pearcing pinching paines, of my tormenting smart: O holy Ghost graunt me, That I by thee, (10) From sinne may purged be.