Paradise sig. Biiiiv

[sig. Biiiiv]

To doe to much for old men is but lost, Of frendship had to women comes like gayne: (35) Bestow not thou on children to much cost, For what thou doest for these, is all in vayne: The old man or he can requite, he dies, Unconstant is the womans wauering minde: +Full soone the body thy frendship will despise, (40) And him for loue, thou shalt vngratefull finde.
The aged man is like the barraine ground, The woman like the reede that wagges with winde: There may no trust in tender yeares be found, +And of the three, the boy is most vnkinde: (45) If thou haue founde a faithfull frend in deede, Beware thou lose not loue of such a one: He shall sometime stand thee in better steede, Then treasure great, of gold or precious stone.

FINIS. Iasper Heiwood.

14. Of the vnconstant stay of Fortunes giftes. +

I I Fortune be thy stay, thy state is very tickle,She beares a double face, disguised, false and fickle: This day she seemes to smile, to morow will she frowne, What now she sets aloft, anone she throweth downe: (5) Flye Fortunes slye deceipte, let Uertue be thy guide, If that you doe intende, in happy state to abide.
Upon the setled rocke, thy building surest standes, Away it quickely weares, that resteth on the sandes: +Dame Uertue is the rocke, that yeldes assured stay, (10) Dame Fortune is the sande, that scoureth soone away: Chose that is certaine, let thinges vncertaine passe, Preferre the precious gold, before the brittle glasse.
Slye Fortune hath her sleightes, she playes vpon the packe, Looke whom she fauours most, at length she turnes to wracke: