Paradise sig. Aiiv

[sig. Aiiv]

The Paradise The translation of the blessed S. Bernardes
Verses, conteinyng the vnstable felicitie
of this wayfaring world. +

Cur mundus militat, sub væna gloria, cuius prosperitas est transitoria? Tam cito labitur, eius potentia quàm vasa figuli, quæ sunt fragilia . +
W Hy doth eche state applie it selfe to worldly prayse? And vndertake such toyle, to heape vp honours gaine. (5) Whose seate though seeming sure, on fickle Fortune stayes, Whose giftes were neuer proued, perpetuall to remaine, But euen as yearthen pot, with euery fillip failes, So Fortunes fauour flits, and Fame with Honour quailes.
Plus crede litteris, scriptis in glacie quàm mundi fragilis, vanæ fallaciæ, (10) Fællax in præmiis, virtutis specie, quæ nunquam habuit, tempus fiduciæ. +
Thinke rather firme to finde, a figure grauen in Ise, Whose substaunce subiect is, to heate of shining Sunne, Then hope for stedfast stay, in wanton worldes deuise, Whose feigned fonde delightes, from falsheades forge doe come, (15) And vnder vertues veile are largely dealt about, Deceiuing those, who thinke their date will out.
Magis credendum est viris fallacibus, quàm mundi miseris prosperitatibus, Falsis insaniis & voluptatibus, falsisque studiis & vanitatibus. +
The trifely truthlesse tongue of rumours liyng lippes, (20) Deserues more trust then doth the highest happie hap, That world to worldlinges giues, for see how honour slippes, To foolish fonde conceiptes, to pleasures poisoned sap, To studies false in proofe, to artes applied to game, To fickle fancies toyes, which wisedome deemeth vaine.
(25) Dic vbi Salomon, olim tam nobilis, vel vbi Sampson est, dux inuincibilis, Veldulcis Ionathas, multum amabilis, vel pulcher Absolon, vultu mirabilis. +
Where is the sacred kyng, that Salomon the wise? whose wisedome former time of duetie did commende, where is that Sampson strong, that monstrous man in size? (30) whose forced arme did cause the mightie pillers bend,