Paradise sig. Aiir

[sig. Aiir]

┬ÂTo the right honourable Syr Henry
Compton Knight, Lord Compton
of Compton. +

R Ight Honourable, and my very good Lord (presuming vpon your courtesie) I am bold to present vnto your honour, this small Volume, entituled, The Paradise of daintie Deuises, beyng (5) penned by diuerse learned Gentlemen, and col- lected together through the trauayle of one +both of worship and credite, for his priuate vse: who not long since departed this life, whiche when I had perused ouer, not without the ad- (10) uise of sondry of my frendes, I determined by their good motion to set them in Print, who thereunto greatly perswaded me, with these and like wordes. The writers of them, were both of honour and worship, besides that, our owne Countrey-men, and such as for their learnyng and grauitie, might be accoumpted of among the wisest. Furthermore, (15) the ditties both pithie and pleasaunt, as well for the Inuention as Mee- ter, and will yeld a farre greater delight, beyng as they are, so aptly made to be set to any song in fiue partes, or song to Instrument. Which well considering, I purposed not to forsake so good an occasion, beseeching your honour to accept in good part, chiefly for the Aucthours sakes: (20) who though some of them are departed this life, yet their worthy do- ings shall continue for euer, for like as the shadow followeth the body, so prayse followeth vertue, and as the shadow goeth sometymes be- fore, and sometymes behinde, so doth prayse also to vertue: but the later it commeth, the greater it is, and to bee the (25) better esteemed. Thus fearing to offend your Honour with these my rude speaches, I ende, wishyng your Lordshyp many yeares of ioye. Your good Lordships wholy to
H. Dizle.