Paradise sig. Aiiiv

[sig. Aiiiv]

1. Our pleasures are but vanities. +

B Ehold the blast, which blowes the blossomes from the tree, The end whereof, consumes and comes to nought we see: Ere thou therfore, be blowne from life that may not last, Begin for grace to call, for time mispent and past.
(5) Haue minde on brittle life, whose pleasures are but vayne, On death likewise bethinke, how thou shalt not remaine: And feare thy Lord to greeue, which sought thy soule to saue, To sinne no more be bent, but mercy aske and haue.
For death who doth not spare, the kinges on yearth to kill, (10) Shall reape also from thee, thy pleasure, life and will: That life which yet remaines, and in thy brest appeares, Hath sowne in thee such seedes, you ought to weede with teares.
And life that shall succeede, when death is worne and past, Shall spring for euer then, in ioy or payne to last: (15) Where death on life, hath power ye see, that life also, Hath mowen the fruites of death, which neuer more shall grow.

FINIS. W. Hunis.

2. Who waighteth on this wauering world, and veweth ech estate,
By triall taught shall learne it best. to liue in simple rate.

A Mid the vale the slender shrubbe, is hid from all mishap, when taller tree that standes alofe, is rent with thunder clap: +The turrets tops which touche the cloudes, are beat with euery blast, Soone shiuered are their stones with storme, and quickly ouercast. (5) Best bodied tree in all the wood, for timber beame is found, And to the axe the sturdiest oke, doth yeld and fall to ground: The highest hill doth soonest feele, the flash of lightninges flame, And soone decayes the pompe and pride, of high renowned name. Of all the Heard the hunteman seekes, by proofe as doth appeare, (10) with double forked arrow head, to wounde the greatest Deare: The haughtiest head of all the droue, enioyest the shortest life, And staines the slaughter house with bloud, at pricke of Butchers knife, Thus what thing highest place attaines, is soonest ouerthrowne, What euer Fortune sets aloft, she threates to throw it downe.