Handful sig. Eir

[sig. Eir]

¶Be constant now therefore, and faithfull to the end? (55) Be carefull how we both may do, to be ech others friend. ¶Wish free and cleane consent, two hearts in one I knit: Which for my part, I vow to keep, (60) and promise not to flit, ¶Now let this vow be kept, exchange thy heart for mine: So shal two harts be in one breast, and both of them be thine.

A sorrowfull Sonet, made by M. George
Mannington, at Cambridge Castle. +

To the tune of Labandala Shot. +

I Waile in wo, I plunge in pain, with sorowing sobs, I do complain, With wallowing waues I wish to die, I languish sore whereas I lie, (5) In feare I faint in hope I holde, With ruthe I runne, I was too bolde: As lucklesse lot assigned me, in dangerous dale of destinie: Hope bids me smile, Feare bids me weep, (10) My seelie soule thus Care doth keep, ¶Yea too too late I do repent, the youthful yeares that I haue spent, The retch lesse race of carelesse kinde, which hath bewitcht my woful minde.