Handful sig. Eiiv

[sig. Eiiv]

(75) For though this life doth fleet away, In heauen I hope to liue for ay: A place of ioy and perfect rest, Which Christ hath purchaste for the best: Til that we meet in heauen most hiest: (80) Adue, farewell in Iesu Christ.

A proper Sonet, of an vnkinde Damsell, to
to her faithful Louer. To, the nine Muses. +

T He ofter that I view and see, That pleasant face and faire beautie, whereto my heart is bound: The neer my Mistresse is to me, (5) My health is farthest off I see: and fresher is my wound: Like as the flame doth quench by fire, or streams consume by raigne, So doth the sight that I desire, (10) appease my grief and paine: Like a flie that doth hie, and haste iuto the fire: So in brief, findes her grief, that thought to sport aspire. (15) ¶ When first I saw those Christal streamesI little thought on beauties beams: sweet venom to haue found, But wilful wil did prick me foorth, Perforce to take my grief in woorth, (20) that causd my mortall wound: And Cupid blind compeld me so, my fruitlesse hope to hide?