Handful sig. Eiir

[sig. Eiir]

(45) Would God I had, I wish too late, Been bred and borne of meaner estate: Or else, would God my rechlesse eare, Had been obedient for to heare, Your sage aduice and counsel true: (50) But in the Lord parents adue. ¶You valiant hearts of youthfull train, Which heard my heauie heart complain: A good example take by me, Which runne the race where euer you be: (55) trust not too much to bilbow blade, nor yet to fortunes fickle trade. Hoist not your sailes no more in winde, Least that some rocke, you chaunce to finde, or else be driuen to Lybia land, (60) whereas the Barque may sinck in sand +¶You students all that present be, To view my fatall destinie, would God I could requite your pain, wherein you labour, although in vain, (65) if mightie God would think it good, to spare my life and vitall blood, For this your profered curtesie, I would remaine most stedfastly, Your seruant true in deed and word, (70) But welcome death as please the Lord. ¶Yea welcome death, the end of woe, And farewell life, my fatall soe: Yea welcome death, the end of strife, Adue the care of mortall life,