Handful sig. Eiiiv

[sig. Eiiiv]

¶ But though it be our chance (10) asunder for to be, My heart in pawne til we do meet, Shal stil remaine with thee: And then we shall renue, our sugred pleasures past: (15) And loue that loue, that seekes no change, whilst life in vs do last. ¶ Perhaps my absence may, or else some other let: By choice of change, cause thee my deer, (20) our former loue forget: And thou renounce the oth, which erst thou vowdst to me: My deerest blood in recompence, thou sure shouldst shortly see. (25) A thousand sighs to send to thee I wil not let, Ne to be waile the losse of thee, I neuer will |(forget But stil suppose I see, the same before my face: And louingly between my armes, (30) thy corps I do embrace. ¶ Thus feed I fancie stil, for lacke of greater ioy: With such like thoughts, which daily doth, my wofull heart annoy: (35) thus stil in hope I liue, my wished ioies to haue: And in dispaire oft time I wish, my feeble Corps in graue.