Handful sig. Eiiir

[sig. Eiiir]

Wherein remaind my bitter wo: hthus stil he did me guide: (25) Then his dart, to my hart, he slung with cruell fist: Whose poison fel, I know right wel, no louer may resist. ¶ Thus vainly stil, I frame my sute, (30) Of ill sowen seeds, such is the frute, experience doth it show: The fault is hers the pain is mine, And thus my sentence I define, I hapned on a shrow: (35) And now beware, ye yongmen all, Example take by mee: Least beauties bait in Cupids thrall, do catch you priuily: So stay you, I pray you, (40) and marke you my great wrong, Forsaken, not taken, thus end I now my song.

The Louer complaineth the absence of
his Ladie, wisheth for death. +

To, the new Almaine. +

S Ith spitefull spite hath spide her time, my wished ioies to end: And drowping dread hath driuen me |(now from my new chosen friend: (5) I can but waile the want, of this my former ioie: Sith spiteful force hath sought so long, my blisse for to annoie.