Handful sig. Eiiiir

[sig. Eiiiir]

¶ This is the life I leade, til I thee see again (40) And so wil do, til dreadful death, do seek to ease my paine, whom rather I do wish, by force to end in wo, than for to liue in happie state, thy loue for to forgo. ¶ And thus farewell my deer, (45) with whom my heart shall rest, Remember him that this did write, sith he doth loue thee best: And wil til greedie death, my daies do shorten now: (50) Farewel my dear, loe here my faith and troth to thee I vow.


The Louer compareth him self to the pain-
ful Falcouer. To the tune, I loued her ouer wel. +

T He soaring hawk from fist that flies, her Falconer doth constraine: Sometime to range the ground vn-∣(known, to find her out againe: (5) And if by sight or sound of bell, his falcon he may see: wo ho he cries, with cheerful voice, the gladdest man is he. ¶ By Lure then in finest sort, (10) he seekes to bring her in: But if that she, ful gorged be, he can not so her win: Although her becks and bending eies, she manie proffers makes: