Handful sig. Dvr

[sig. Dvr]

Belike it was ordaind to be my destinie. Alas what heart would heare their talk, &c. (15) ¶ A thousand good women, haue guiltlesse been accusde: For verie spite, although that they, their bodies neuer abusde: the godly Susanna accused was falsly alas &c. (20) ¶ The poisoned Pancalier , ful falsly did accuse The good Dutchesse of Sauoy, +because she did refuse. To grant vnto his loue, (25) that was so vngodlie. Alas what, &c ¶ Such false dissembling men, stoong with Alectos dart: Must needs haue place to spit their spite, vpon some guiltlesse hart: (30) Therefore, I must be pleasde, that they triumph on me, Alas, &c. ¶ Therefore, Lord, I thee pray, the like death downe to send, Upon these false suspected men, (35) or else their minds t’amend: As thou hast done tofore, vnto these persons three. Alas what, &c.

A proper Song, Intituled: Fain wold I haue
a pretie thing to giue vnto my Ladie. +

To the tune of lustie Gallant. +

¶ Fain would I haue a pretie thing, to giue vnto my Ladie: