Handful sig. Dviv

[sig. Dviv]

¶ Then sith Gods wil was euen so. Why should you disdaine you Louer tho? (15) But rather with a willing heart, Loue him truely? For in so doing, you do but your part, Let reason rule ye. ¶ Consider ( sweet) what sighs and sobbes, (20) Do nip my heart with cruell throbbes, And al (my deer) for the loue of you, Trust me truly: But I hope that you wil soone mercie show, In due time duely. (25) ¶ If that you do my case well way, And show some signe whereby I may Haue some good hope of your good grace, Trust me truely: I count my selfe in a blessed case, (30) Let reason rule ye. ¶ And for my part, whilst I do liue, To loue you most faithfully, my hand I giue, Forsaking all other, for your sweet sake, Trust me truly: (35) In token whereof, my troth I betake, to your selfe most duely. ¶ And though for this time we must depart, yet keep you this ring tru token of my hart, Til time do serue, we meet againe, (40) Let reason rule ye. When an answer of comfort, I trust to obtain, In due time duly.