Handful sig. Dvir

[sig. Dvir]

The Shemsters in the shoppes that sowes, they do nothing but let me: But faine, &c. (35) ¶ But were it in the wit of man, by any meanes to make it. I could for Money buy it than, and say, faire Lady take it. Thus, fain, &c. ¶ O Lady, what lucke is this: (40) that my good willing misseth: To finde what pretie thing it is, that my good Lady wisheth. Thus fain wold I haue had this preti thing to giue vnto my Ladie: (45) I said no harme, nor I ment no harme, but as pretie a thing may be.

A proper wooing Song intituled:
Maide will ye loue me: ye or no? +

To the tune of the Marchaunts Daughter
went ouer the fielde. +

M ayde will ye loue me yea or no? +tell me the trothe, and let me goe. It can be no lesse then a sinfull deed, trust me truely. (5) To linger a Louer that lookes to speede, in due time duely. ¶ You Maids that thinke your selus as fine, As Venus and all the Muses nine : The father himselfe when he first made man (10) trust me truely: Made you for his help when the world began in due time duely.