Handful sig. Dviir

[sig. Dviir]

Now must I depart with sighing teares, With sobbing heart and burning eares: (45) Pale in the face, and faint as I may, trust me truly: But I hope our next meeting, a ioyfull day, in due time duly.

The painefull plight of a Louer oppressed
with the beautifull looks of his Lady. +

To the tune of, I loued her ouer wel. +

When as thy eies, the wretched spies did breed my cause of care: And sisters three did full agree, my fatall threed to spare. +(5) Then let these words ingrauen be, on toomb whereas I lie, That here lies one whom spiteful loue, hath caused for to die. ¶ Somtimes I spend the night to end, (10) in dolors and in woe: Somtime againe vnto my pain, my chiefest ioy doth grow. When as in minde, thy shape I finde, as fancie doth me tell: (15) Whome nowe I knowe, as proofe, doth |(show I loued thee ouer wel. ¶ How oft within my wreathed arme, desired I to folde: Thy Christall corps, of whom I ioyed, (20) more dearer than of golde,