Handful sig. Dviiiv

[sig. Dviiiv]

And weigh the time your loue hath dwelt, within my hart so deep. (25) ¶And peise the words I spake, and marke my countenance then: And let not slip no earnest sigh, if thou remember can. ¶ At least forget no teares, (30) that trickled downe my face: And marke howe oft I wroong your hand, and blushed all the space. ¶Remember how I sware, and strook therewith my brest: (35) In witnesse when thou partst me fro, my heart with thee should rest. ¶Thinke on the eger lookes, full loth to leaue thy sight, That made the signes when that she list, (40) to like no other wight. ¶If this be out of thought, yet call to minde againe, The busie sute, the much adoe, the labour and the paine, (45) ¶That at the first I had, ere thy good will I gate: And think how for thy loue alone, I purchase partly hate. ¶But all is one with me, (50) my heart so setled is: No friend, nor foe, nor want of wealth, shall neuer hurt in this.