Handful sig. Dviiir

[sig. Dviiir]

And wish for ay, as for thy pay, all Nestors yeares to know: And I no lesse then all the rest, should wish thee health for aye: (55) Because thou hast heard my request, and saued me from decay.

A faithfull vow of two constant Louers +

To the new Rogero. +

S Hall distance part our loue, or daily choice of chaunge? Or sprites below, or Gods aboue, haue power to make vs straunge: (5) ¶ No nothing here on earth, that kinde hath made or wrought, Shall force me to forget. goodwill so dearely bought, ¶ And for my part I vow, (10) to serue for terme of life: Which promise may compare with her, which was Vlisses wife. +¶ Which vow if I do breake, let vengeance on me fall, (15) Eche plague that on the earth may raigne, I aske not one, but all. ¶ Though time may breede suspect, to fill your hart with ioyes: And absence may a mischefe breede, (20) to let your wished ioyes: ¶ Yet thinke I haue a troth, and honesty to keepe: