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[sig. Dir]

(65) ¶ In these vnconstant daies, such troth these women haue: As wauering as the aspen leaf +they are, so God me saue. ¶ For no deserts of men (70) are weid, what ere they be: For in a mood their minds are led with new delights we see. ¶ The guiltlesse goeth to wrack, the gorgeous peacocks gay: (75) They do esteem vpon no cause, and turne their friends away. ¶ I blame not al for one, some flowers grow by the weeds, Some are as sure as lock and key, (80) and iust of words and deeds. ¶ And yet of one I waile, of one I crie and plaine: And for her sake shall neuer none, so nip my heart againe: (85) ¶ If for offence or fault, I had been floong at heele: The lesse had been my bitter smart, and gnawing greefe I feele. ¶ But being once reteind, (90) a friend by her consent: And after that to be disdaind, when best good will I ment, ¶ I take it nothing well, for if my power could show,