Handful sig. Diiv

[sig. Diiv]

A proper sonet, Intituled: I smile to see how
you deuise. To anie pleasant tune. +

I Smile to see how you deuise, New masking nets my eies to bleare: your self you cannot so disguise: But as you are, you must appeare. (5) ¶ your priuie winkes at boord I see, And how you set your rouing mind: your selfe you cannot hide from me, Although I wincke, I am not blind. ¶ The secret sighs and fained cheare, (10) That oft doth paine thy carefull brest: To me right plainly doth appeare, I see in whom thy hart doth rest. ¶ And though thou makest a fained vow, That loue no more thy heart should nip, (15) yet think I know as well as thou, The fickle helm doth guide the ship. ¶ The Salamander in the fire, +By course of kinde doth bathe his limmes: The floting Fish taketh his desire, (20) In running streams whereas he swimmes. ¶ So thou in change dost take delight, Ful wel I know thy slipperie kinde: In vaine thou seemst to dim my sight,Thy rowling eies bewraieth thy minde. (25) ¶ I see him smile that doth possesse Thy loue which once I honoured most: If he be wise, he may well gesse, Thy loue soon won, wil soon be lost.