Handful sig. Diir

[sig. Diir]

My daily cares night dooth renew, To thinke how he did me betray: And when my weary limmes wold rest, (30) My sleepe vnsound hath dreadfull dreams, Thus greeuous greefes my hart doth wrestThat sil mine eies run down like streames: ¶ And yet, full oft it dooth me good, To haunt the place where he hath beene, (35) To kisse the ground whereon he stoode, When he (alas) my loue did win. To kisse the Bed wheron we laye? Now may I thinke vnto my paine, O blisfull place full oft I say: (40) Render to me my loue againe, +¶ But all is lost that may not be, Another dooth possesse my right: His cruell hart, disdaineth me, New loue hath put the olde, to flight: (45) He loues to see my watered eyes, and laughes to see how I do pine: No words can well my woes comprise, alas what griefe is like to mine? ¶ You comly Dams beware by me, (50) To rue sweete words of fickle trust: For I may well example be, How filed talke oft prooues vniust But sith deceipt haps to my pay, Good Ladyes helpe my dolefull tunes, (55) That you may here and after say: Loe this is she whom loue consumes.